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PKS is a registered non-profit organisation.
PKS = Society for Promotion of Natural Technology

Its purpose is to promote natural technology according to principles discovered and developed by Viktor and Walter Schauberger:

PKS serves as a platform and has its focus on following activities:

to cooperate with universities (several theses have been inspired and some

thorough university research has been done), institutes, organisations and companies having the same environmental concerns

to maintain the archive of Viktor Schauberger

to continue publishing the archive (through films, books etc.)

to organise international conferences (ICOST – International Conference on

Schauberger’s Technology - is a biannual event at the PKS, see events.)

to offer workshops and public days at the PKS

to maintain this website and keep people up to date

to network and affiliate with interested individuals and organisations

DONATIONS for these activities are welcome.
On-line donations

You can make a donation from your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you can make a donation securely via Paypal from your credit card.

You may also donate from your bank account to the account of PKS (see below)

or contribute to the whole project by joining the PKS as a supporting MEMBER of PKS. Fee per year EUR 40.--

Bank account in Austria: OBERBANK BAD ISCHL, bank code 15030

Account number 161-0298/48,
Account holder: Schauberger/PKS
IBAN: AT92 1503 0001 6102 9848,