Copper Garden Tools

Copper is naturally available heathly base material. The fine copper parts have a favorable impact on the water supply and work with it to provide the pre-conditions for strong vegetation. PKS Garden Tools deliver micro elements like copper, gold and magnesium to your garden soil.

In 1956, in the patent specification “Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte, insbesondere für die Land-, Forst- und Gartenwirtschaft” (or Soil Cultivation Tools, especially for Agriculture, Forestry and Gardening), the patent presenters Walter Schauberger and Daniel Swarovski wrote:

“The invention relates to soil cultivation tools, especially for agriculture, forestry and gardening, and furthering the goal of improving soil conditions and fertility in addition to plant development and crop yields.

The invention is based on what has already been known for some time, that the processes of life for soil and plants is affected by a whole row of elements in the periodic chart. Man knows today that for structured nutrition in higher plants, a more comprehensive number of elements is necessary than was earlier assumed. Here, it is a matter of multiple substances, whose presence in very low quantities is already enough to adequately feed the plants.

A higher concentration of these substances is, for the most part, acutally detrimental to the plants. Several elements are merely necessary in almost immeasurable traces for the lifecycles of the soil and plants.

The present invention enables the mentioned substances to be solely effective with extremely low quantities in the soil. They exist therein, that at least the materials in the soil are integrated with elements of the periodic chart in dispersed form and respectively in such quantities, that through the use of these tools the desired improvement in the soil achieved.

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