Viktor Schauberger, himself, carried out experiments in various fields. These included apparatus and engines, which should have functioned as motors, pumps, heating and cooling instruments, small-scale power generators and/or devices envisaged for use in conversion processes on an atomic and molecular plane. This basis should form completely new techniques and principles, which have been unknown to experts until now.


Viktor Schauberger worked intensively with the medium of water, both theoretically and practically. First of all, there were questions of how to direct water through natural and manmade flumes, then about the transportation of wood but also of minerals by water and finally about the production of mineral-water-like drinking water as well as filtered water for the treatment of diseases. The extraction and transportation of drinking water interested him just as much as the exploration of possibilities, kinetically und by means of certain “catalytic converters” giving rise to atomic processes of conversion, to some extent, in order to “win” energy from these processes.