IWONE 2019

Aug 09 - 11 Aug, 2019
Höör, Schweden
IWONE 2019 (Conference)

including topics based on Viktor and Walter Schauberger

The 9th International Workshop on Natural Energies (IWONE) is a workshop covering non-traditional ways to affect water flow, water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically the workshop has had a focus on ideas related to Viktor Schauberger.
Speakers come from Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, South Africa Russia etc.
The workshop is organized every other year by Institute of Ecological Technology (IET) – a non-profit foundation and distributed self-organizing research institute, situated in Sweden.


This year’s IWONE conference is an opportunity to present and discuss unconventional research in an open and relaxed atmosphere.
It’s scheduled from Friday, August 9th until Sunday, August 11th, 2019, at Höör (50 km northeast of Malmö), Sweden.