Schauberger Original® Funnel

Design inspired by nature

The vortex is a fundamental form of movement in nature. It can be found in flowing water and in whirlwinds, in plant shapes, animal horns, and galaxies. Forester and naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) recognized this in his early years and therefore followed his lifelong motto: “Comprehend and copy nature”. His son, Master Engineer Walter Schauberger, was able to create a model that helps to explain these processes in nature in a vivid way. With the help of his mathematical calculations, he discovered harmonic laws. He was inspired by Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler, who were convinced that our universe follows harmonious principles. One of the implementations of this model was the development of the hyperbolic cone by Walter Schauberger, together with Engineer Maximilian Mack, in around 1970, which was later used in practice as the Hyperbolic Schauberger Funnel.

In the meantime, university research has also been dedicated to the scientific investigation of this funnel. There is much to still discover. Current studies relate to oxygen uptake, flow velocity, pH value, etc.

Such Hyperbolic Schauberger Funnels are now available for personal use:

The SCHAUBERGER ORIGINAL® Funnel is a real eye-catcher and made of high-quality materials: hand-blown glass, solid wood, and copper – exquisite handcrafts from Austria. This makes it possible to swirl water as it is found in natural flowing waters. The spiral movement from outside to inside is quintessential. The beautiful air vortex that becomes visible in the middle leads to an increased surface area of the drinking water, which, among other things, results in increased oxygen uptake. This funnel is a durable and sustainable designer piece “Made in Austria”, inspired by nature.

Perfect for aerating water and other liquids (juice, vinegar, wine etc.)

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New scientific results (15th March 2022):

Master’s Thesis: Vortices in Hyperbolic Funnels as Aeration Systems | TU Delft Repositories